Production - visit in the stoneware factory

The production of the Canvas stoneware collection takes place in a medium sized, family-owned factory in the south of Poland. We have spent a lot of time in the factory, observing the production process and talking to the crafsmen about the challanges of each phase. The process is very complex and time-consuming. Involves great attention, precision and patience. Around ten people are involved in the making of a finished product. 

The production starts with plaster molds handmade on a big spinning wheel. The form maker is a well-skilled worker with years of experience in making very precises models. He uses a special hard type of the plaster to create a model form-  a positive form of a vessel, which will be later used to replicate the working forms.  

Depending on the size and the type of a product liquid or plastic clay is used. Once the pieces are formed and dried, each of them is carefully refined by skilled hands of the craftsmen. This part of the process is crucial hence it is said that the clay has a good memory: if any, even non-visible, damage is done now it will appear on the surface after the firing. 

During the first (bisque) firing the pieces gain some strength and loose moisture so that they can be glazed. We use transparent glazings to expose the natural texture and colour of the material. Glazed pieces are fired once again at a temperature of almost 1300 degrees celsius for a high mechanical resistance, so that they can serve us for a long time.


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