Spring/Summer17 photoshoot backstage

To work together on our first Mleko Editorial Photoshoot we invited Michaela Metesová: a young, talented photographer born in Slovakia, currently living in Poland. Since the first moment we knew that this is going to be a fruitful cooperation, as our ideas about the photoshoot were very alike. Together with Michaela and Magdalena Zielasko, who was kind to help us out with the photoshoot styling, we came up with a clear message we want to send with the images. Inspired by Dutch still life paintings we decided to show the items in use with a subtle indication of human presence. We ended up with what we believe is an engaging story about the beauty of simple things and ordinary moments. The first collection was shot in our everyday environment, which is our appartment located in the Old Town of Krakow.

Here are some Michaela Metesová's thoughts on our SS17 campaign:

Presented body of work, commissioned by Mleko Living, is contemplation on consequences of contemporary world. Thanks to very alike perception and consciousness of the designers, as a team, we were able to create a visual narrative, displaying a certain pause, emptiness, or void, which may often appear slightly disturbing. Living in a modern world, you can easily lose yourself and get trapped in a comfortable world of consumerism. Only with well-managed time and space, there is still a room for your thoughts and growth.

The Silent Pause During Conversation is the title I’ve given to the series. The photographs included in Mleko Living Editorial are an attempt to present such a situation. I found it a great symbol of today’s age. The Silent Pause During Conversation can be experienced in different ways, it can be unbearable, but it may also be pleasant. Reaching an intuitive understanding in the silent pause can be considered a luxury, and often experienced with euphoria. Thus, people have a tendency to leave no space for thoughtful observations and keep on speaking to simply fill an uncomfortable silence. The images invite the viewer to consider the possibilities of emptiness, meanwhile encourage to fulfil it wisely. 

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Backstage pictures by Magdalena Zielasko and Mleko Living